Francesco De Ruggiero, the boy intrigued by Amanda Knox

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Viste le numerose visualizzazioni e tentativi di traduzione da parte del pubblico estero, abbiamo pensato di tradurre questo articolo, che ha incuriosito – restando in tema con l’argomento – soprattutto i lettori americani.

In the era of relativism and shortened distance in the world, the individual is alone. The closer different realities are, the more alienation increases. The local community gives way to the so-called global language. A single event is not related to a specific place anymore, it becomes a global event.  Television, of course, has a major role.

News are spread in a raw and immediate way “through the magical screen” and good and evil have the same reputation.

The audience show do not give up to people’s pain, on the contrary, it takes advantage of the events to exhibit the dark side of the human being.

Francesco Ruggiero, a boy from Candida (Avellino, a small town near Naples), has been one of those under the television’s spell. And he mistook Amanda for the “girl next door”; and, in the global village, anyone is likely to be living in cloud-cuckoo-land. Francesco is probably just trying to break with the humdrum provincial life. And he tackled his towns and town’s bad opinion of him by his irrational appeal.

On the 12th of March, he even went to Perugia (a town in the centre of Italy) to attend the trial. He went alone: he went to Foligno by train, where he had been waiting for the connection train to go to Perugia. And then, he spent the night in a pension. He brought a photomontage of Amanda Knox and the Holy Father to be given to her family. But his plan failed in the courtroom: arrested by police officers, he had been taken to the police headquarters, where they proceeded with his identification.

But this is not the end of the story: his photomontage was seized and he was charged with the violation of law 403 of penal code (which concerns insults to official religion). To cut a long story shot, he would be guilty of religion insult.

I met him when he come back home, we had a good chat and he told me about his religious devotion and his love for photomontage. He admires Pope Giovanni Paolo II, which is always in his works. Besides, he created other works for Pietro Taricone and Marco Pantani (two popular Italian people). At the end, he told me that he feels close to convicts tribulations and that he prefers not to get to the heart of the matter of Amanda Knox: he just wants to express his solidarity, he does not seem interested in the judicial aspects.

Francesco is also involved in social work: he had been serving in the Italian “Croce Rossa”, a public organization create to help with social security and health care. On one occasion, he even ran after a snatcher to retrieve an old lady bag: not only did he succeded, he even had been praised by the lady and the people who were there.

In occasion of the First of May Feast, in Rome, he flied a banner saying: “I have been accused of religion insult for Amanda Knox”. And so he suddenly catched the attention of an american television team. In addition, he travels regularly to Perugia to assist at the trials, always alone. However, he will have to face trial for his charge. He will be assisted by the young criminal lawyer Michele Scibelli, of the law firm Schettino.

Romeo Castiglione

Translated by Claudia Ferrara

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